3. Post Hospital (1868)

Built by architect S.W. Brooks under the supervision of Capt. William A. Wainwright, this building has arches, arcades, and breezeways that accommodate the South Texas environment and the need for air flow. The building was renamed in honor of Dr. William C. Gorgas, a U.S. Army physician and U.S. Surgeon General renowned for his pioneer work in the abatement of yellow fever and malaria which he began while stationed at Fort Brown. This building has been used by the local college for administrative purposes since the early 1970’s. Its restoration revealed the fireplaces which heated the hospital, two of which may be seen in the President’s Office. In front of the hospital is a flagpole and plaque commemorating the 124th Cavalry Regiment, the last horse-0mounted cavalry which was stationed at Fort Brown during World War II.