10. Taylor's Earthworks Fort/Fort Texas *(1846)

The original Fort Brown (historically Fort Texas or Fort Taylor) earthen mounds can be seen from the end of the golf course parking lot, beyond the driving range marked by an upright cannon. It was built in 1846 under the supervision of Capt. J.F.K. Mansfield. Following an attack by the Mexican army, General Zachary Taylor ordered the fort be renamed in honor of Major Jacob Brown, who died during the siege. The earthworks was abandoned after the U.S.-Mexican War due to flooding. Subsequent versions of Fort Brown were built further north.

The peninsula was the former site of the Fort Brown National Cemetery where 10th century military burials occurred. From 1909 to 1911 the remains of over 3,000 soldiers were exhumed and moved to the Alexandria National Cemetery in Pineville, Louisiana.