Fort Brown Walking Tour

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Points of Interest:
  1. Post Hospital Annex/Medical Laboratory (1868)
  2. Commanding Officer's Quarters (1868)
  3. Post Hospital (1868)
  4. Post Morgue/Old Morgue & Linen Storage (c. 1870)
  5. Commissary (c.1904)
  6. Bachelor Non Commissioned Officers (NCO) Quarters (c.1901)
  7. Post Chapel (c.1882)
  8. Cavalry Building (1868)
  9. Neale House (c.1850)
  10. Taylor's Earthworks Fort/Fort Texas *(1846)

* Indicates some or all of the original building is no longer standing and/or original façade or structure altered.
[i] Information Kiosk located inside the Arnulfo L. Oliveira Memorial Library.