12. Laiseca Store (1887)

* Indicates some or all of the original building is no longer standing and/or original façade or structure altered.
1059 E. Monroe Street
The The Laiseca Store was purchased by Domingo Laiseca in 1921 to operate as a general store. The building was historically known as “El Globo Chiquita,” which was the name of the first store operated in this building. This structure is an excellent example of a modest, late 19th century wood-frame store. It’s simple, but rare, twin-gabled form is accented by shuttered doors on the 11th Street facade, and by bargeboards along the gables. Swirling jog-saw scrollwork trims the twin gables. A porch once extended around the street facade of this corner structure, but it was destroyed by the 1933 hurricane and not replaced.