11. Field/Pacheco Complex (1894)

1049 E. Monroe Street
Built for Henry M. Field, this large, picturesque, two-story corner building gives a dramatic image of Old Brownsville before the run of the 20th Century. It was built for a  cavernous combination store and warehouse on the ground floor, with the family residential quarters on the second. The building was owned by Field until 1914 when it was bought by Andres Pacheco. This brick building still retains its original second-story roofed veranda with its decorative jig-saw brackets, spindle cornices, and spindle railings. The second-floor living quarters and the covered veranda on both the East Monroe and 11th Streetsides are actually two stories high. The projecting veranda also creates a covered walkway along the street facade. The building opens to the sidewalk through eleven arched double doorways. To permit street widening, the wooden posts which support the veranda had to be supported on cantilevers over the street curb, but the veranda overhang was otherwise left unchanged. Former servants’ quarters, a carriage house, and upholstery shop, and a garage adjoin or relate to the site of the Field-Pacheco complex. There are three small living quarters on the property line marked by the brick wall.