1. Stillman House (c. 1851)

1305 E. Washington Street
Built for Henry Miller, this Greek Revival style house is one of the oldest and best preserved structions in the city, and now serves as a house museum. It was occupied by Brownsville's founder Charles Stillman from 1851-1853, whose first two children were born in Brownsville. The house was purchased in 1858 by Manual Treviño de los Santos Coy, who served as Mexican consul and remained in the Treviño family for 100 years. In the 1890s the house was occupied by Thomas Carson, who worked for the Stillman family and was mayor of Brownsville from 1879-1892. In 1958 Chauncey D. Stillman, great-grandson of Charles, purchased the house from the Treviño family and gifted it to the Brownsville Historical Association, who later gave it to the city of Brownsville.