13. Market Square* [i] (1850)

* Indicates some or all of the original building is no longer standing and/or original façade or structure altered.
[i] Information Kiosk located inside City Plaza
655 E. 12th Street
Constructed by John Patrick McDonough and Adolph Seuzeneau, this building was the original site of Brownsville city government as well as the center of market activities. The opening Market Square ceremony feature military bands from both Matamoros, Mexico and Fort Brown. The upper floor housed city hall, while the bottom floor was an open air market where a variety of goods were sold. The goods included fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, “dulce” (candy) and tamales (steamed cornmeal with a filling wrapped in corn husks). Virtually everything sold at the old market was locally grown and raised. Market Square featured many fine architectural details such as decorated cornices, elaborate brick work and upper level balconies. The Market Square building originally had 16 archways and a wooden cupola which, along with the original bell, was destroyed by the hurricane of October 8, 1867. The cupola and bell were replaced in 1875.