10. El Jardin Hotel (1926)

1114 E. Levee Street
El Jardin was designed by The Kenwood Company of San Antonio under sponsorship of the James-Dickinson Company of Brownsville and J.M. Nix. After Mr. Nix became involved in the hotel project, he asked architect Henry T. Phelps to add a ballroom wing, a parking garage and a Spanish garden (which no longer exists) to the back of the hotel. This eight-story, stucco structure was heralded after its completion as the finest hostelry in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. The hotel, designed with 250 rooms, all with baths, was built in conjunction with a large Missouri Pacific Railroad terminal and the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce building at 1200 E. Levee Street. These buildings were all in the same Spanish Colonial Revival style. The Chamber and Missouri Pacific buildings have since been demolished.