7. Bollack Department Store* (1911)

* Indicates some or all of the original building is no longer standing and/or original façade or structure altered.
1223 E. Elizabeth Street
This building was built for Pauline Bollack, a German immigrant from Bavaria. Mrs. Bollack arrived in Brownsville by way of New Orleans in 1878 and opened a dry goods store on 12th Street opposite Market Square. She moved to this three story structure with an ornate façade when she expanded her business. At the time, it was one of the largest buildings in town and exemplified the modern department store. Her son and several clerks helped run the store which was renowned for good bargains and good service. A variety of commodities were available at the Bollack department store which included dry goods, leather goods, furniture, clocks, hats, ladies' apparel, and sewing supplies. The structure was renovated in 2006.