7. Catholic Parcel

The Catholic portion of the cemetery was the largest portion allotted, approximately one-fourth of the cemetery grounds. This section is east of the main road and contains a noticeable amount of grave decorations. Grave decorating, where family and friends paint the concrete borders or curbs surrounding gravesites in bright colors, is common in South Texas.

The Woodmen of the World is a fraternal organization founded June 6, 1890 by Joseph Cullen Root in Omaha, Nebraska. The organization provided life and burial insurance for its members. While the cemetery does not have a  designated Woodman of the World section, several members are buried in the mid-section of the Catholic parcel and throughout the cemetery. Woodmen of the World grave markers are shaped like a large tree stump. The distinctive marker was initially provided to members as part of their burial insurance but was discontinued because it was too expensive. Families of members buried after 1920s paid for the tree marker themselves.